How Adler & Son was Born

A few years back, Suzanne—a hard-working, single mom from a family of renovators—and her young son were looking for a fixer upper to buy. After an extensive search and many heartbreaks, they finally found their dream home in a landmarked building in Jackson Heights, and Suzanne negotiated the deal herself. Upon arriving, she undertook a major renovation and quickly joined the building’s board, single-handedly managing several major capital improvement projects, finishing all projects on budget and on time.  

In the process, Suzanne fell in love… with Queens. Just ask her and you will see: she gets Unispheres in her eyes. Maybe it’s all the amazing food that can be found here. Maybe it’s the cultural diversity and richness that just can’t be found anyplace else.  Maybe some of the architecture reminds her of the Philly neighborhood where she was born. Or maybe it’s the fact that she has discovered something new and interesting every single day since she moved here.

After 16 years as a French and English teacher in top private schools on the Upper East Side, Suzanne decided leave the classroom and pursue her passion. She joined Douglas Elliman Real Estate, where she is a proud member of the Pinnacle Award-winning Gutermuth Copersino Team, the #1 team in Queens.  She also consults with homeowners and helps them navigate the home renovation process.

Adler & Son’s neighborhood t-shirt designs are inspired by what Suzanne observes in her everyday travels around the borough, interesting conversations she has with her neighbors and the adventures she has with her clients during the home-buying process.  Sometimes the designs are even inspired by her clients themselves!

Suzanne received her MFA from Sarah Lawrence. She is also Secretary of the Queensboro Houses Association.


photo credits: © Ann Price